Thursday, February 3, 2011

Give Me Your Tears and Let There Be Rain

Pen & Inktense
36.8 x 36.8 cm
Feb 2010

          Aztec tradition and history tells us that sacrifices (along with many old civilizations) were a large part of their culture. Sacrifices were grand ceremonies that lasted for days or weeks that would give the peoples respect to the Gods who would in return give them protection or other goods or benefits. Tlaloc, the God of rain, demanded child sacrifices, and in return he would give the Aztec civilization rain for plentiful crops. It was believed that if the children cried when going to the shrine, it would bring them imminent and abundant amounts of rain. Children were dressed in gold pendants so that they would be taken by the Gods. This piece portrays these ideas. Although this is at first seen as a sad part of Aztec culture, it can be viewed as beautiful, and this traditional practice must be appreciated and understood by the viewers as well.

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