Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Stages to Forgiveness

Acryllic Paint & Ball Point Pen
153 x 121.5 cm
Oct 2010

          This piece is based on my personal experience and how I coped with it. The first piece on the left represents my initial anger and how I was blinded by vengeance and  frustration with the situation. The center piece shows my progression from anger to disappointment the person I was mad with, and how I was confused by their reasoning. And the final canvas represents my reconciliation with this person and how my feelings progressed to this final peaceful stage.

          This piece focuses on movement of color and lines to keep the three canvases connected and unified. This was my first attempt at utilizing a abstract background to represent my emotions. Although it was difficult, I believe that I was able to show these emotions well. The center figure gives this piece a stable and more concrete image to connect the entire three pieces.

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